About The EASI Academy
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Everyone in life has a choice: you can make the world a better place for all, or make it better for just yourself.


The EASI Academy is a tennis training academy with a difference. We develop players of all levels; but, we also strive to give back to our community. EASI grew out of a medical research program and become so successful at developing players that EASI expanded its reach from medical research to tennis training and even to education.

Our tennis training program spans ages from 5 years old to eighty, from beginners to professionals, and even provides a research venue for gifted and talented students who love tennis but are looking forward to their college and professional careers.

For students dedicated to a career in tennis, we offer online schooling and for professional players who want to prepare for college we offer Education on the Tour by individual arrangement.

Our beginner and intermediate programs are run by Jana van der Walt and Deborah Kopp

Advanced and professional level programs are directed by Jana and Ray