Tennis Events in Houston, The Woodlands, Tyler, TX and Arlington, VA

Plaza Oaks Camp

The EASI Academy has locations in Houston, The Woodlands, Tyler, TX and Arlington, VA as well as numerous coaches around the country and in Europe.

Group and individual lessons are offered at each location; however, the advanced Professional program is only offered at Plaza Oaks in Houston Texas.

While EASI originated as an individual program, it also has an extensive background in group lessons and summer camps. Our affiliate in Arlington, VA runs a summer camp of over 1,000 students.

Deborah Kopp has been offering summer camps for many years and Dr. Brown has worked in Major Summer Camps from the 1990's to 2005.

Summer camps are about having fun while learning tennis. Typically they are for children and teenagers up to the age of 16. A common format is to have an introduction and stretching activity foreshadowing what the day will bring and safety issues, an instruction period, a hitting period that follows the instruction ideas, some form of fun competition, a swimming or other rest period which includes lunch, followed by a period of games and recreational match play. Games can be wide ranging and depend on the number of participants involved. Having a photographer on hand can be an extra treat when the participant's photos show up on the EASI website.

It is important to have adequate shade options, extra water, some surprise snacks, first aid training and a first aid kit, pro demonstrations of the instruction ideas and, when possible, a surprise guest.

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