Managing the 501, Practical Observations
© 2014 EEASI Corporation


To the members, directors and volunteers of 501 organizations,

There are many pamphlets on Managing 501 Corporations. However, none of them provide down-to-earth practical observations about the day-to-day operations and how to stay safe from IRS audits.

Note that the 501(c)3, a charity, must be managed under even more restrict supervision than other 501 organizations. These notes are not comprehensive enough to cover all 501(c)3 issues but will be useful to any 501 organization.

This pamphlet will address eight areas that are important for making your 501 run smoothly:

This practical guide only discusses the most likely areas a 501 can go off course and waste time and energy. There are many more areas, and this guide may be updated from time to time.

The Guide is offered to 501s as a service to their communities, members and volunteers and does not require any payment to the EEASI Corporation.

EEASI Corporation reserves the right to update and expand this guide and offer it for sale at some future date at a modest price to defer the cost of writing and publishing.


The EEASI Corporation