EASI College Preparation Program
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Outline of Objectives:

  • Develop excellent writing skills
  • Have an understanding of the causes of the events that changed world history
  • Know and understand the enduring questions that have confronted humans from the earliest recorded thoughts
  • Develop excellent problem solving skills
  • Develop excellent study and learning methods
  • Know the basics of Mathematics in such areas as finite algebras calculus, linear algebra and differential equations
  • Have a conceptual knowledge and understanding of biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, sociology, anthropology and Paleoanthropology
  • Have an understanding of great art and music.

The level of understanding at graduation of each student must meet the expectations of professors at the leading universities in the United States such as UCLA, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Chicago, etc.

All ages will be combined into a single group. As part of the curriculum, older students will be assigned the responsibility to help and teach younger students.


The methods in this program will be structured according to the latest research in learning. Of particular importance will be the work of Professor Ellen Langer at Harvard.


The anticipated schedule will be to meet twice a week for one hour. Students are expected to meet as a group one weekend a month for discussion and sharing of ideas.


It is expected that students will enter this program as early as age 10. Each year the program will cover materials in increasingly greater depth. At graduation, students will be prepared to make a smooth transition from high school to top colleges.


Upon graduation, this program will be familiar to top college admissions officers and may be used as a reference for extracurricular activities or advanced courses in college applications.