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History is a chronicle of the human experience developed and recorded mainly since the advent of writing and the use of writing to record the human experience.

History is a sequence of partially ordered events whose impact changed everything that followed. We may include the mundane recording of dates and places, but this is of little use or value without the meaning of the everts that are related to such pedestrian information.

The excitement of history is the witnessing of the unfolding of events and the tide they produced that swept all that stood before away.

History is a record of human folly as well as human triumphs. Of the acts of desperate, usually men, and the acts of nobility. History records the consequences of human cruelty and hubris; the consequences of well determined but erroneous decisions and the good fortune of serendipity. History tells us what we did wrong to date and what we did right, so far. History provides no assurances of success if we follow in the paths of other successful persons, nor does it tell us with mathematical perfection how success is won.

However, the study of history is our best hope of improving our collective lives when we act in concert with each other.

Without history we have no identity, no sense of our place in the universe, or our meaning in relation to other facts of evolution, both animal and geological. History is a statement of who we are, of what we desire to achieve, and of what we hold most dear.

History is the sum total of the actions of all humans living and dead up to a point in time. It is the record of the collective as influenced by the individual. And it is most assuredly a record of what may be achieved by the single individual acting alone, especially when acting against the forces of social mandates, institutions, customs, barriers, prohibitions and restrictions.

History is the human experience and human drama acted out on a stage with true and sever, even dire consequences and props that have a cutting edge unfettered by stage hands or a script.

History tells us who we are and what we are capable of, and this we need to know, both as a people, and as individuals.

In the Magnet School we will learn the significant events of human history in terms of what those events did to change all that followed. We will not be so concerned with dates except in as much as they re required in AP and SAT tests. Our emphasis will always be on th3eir meaning, significance and consequences.

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