Magnet School Pilot Program
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A magnet school must draw excellent students together through providing the opportunity to experience excellence. A magnet school must also draw students together like a powerful magnet to discover the means to achievement, and to use those means to achieve. A magnet school must be both demanding and illuminating. It must create an atmosphere in which kids are driven forward by their own internal desire to achieve. Achievement cannot be mandated through rote methods, but must be mandated by an internal desire of the student to seize and pursue opportunity, knowledge and personal growth.

There is no sacrifice of childhood in attending a magnet school requiring many extra hoours of work because the value and reward of personal growth that comes from those hours far overshadows the fleeting moments of "hanging out" with friends.

The friends that you hang out with as a teenager will never be lasting and of an enduring value unless you also achieve with them. Collective achievement and personal growth is enduring and it is with such friends that you will build bonds that will be there long after you part ways.

To this end, a magnet school must recognize these achievements in a manner that the student can return many years hence and recall they were a part of something special that stood the test of time; something that was an exceptional experience and defined their childhood as special.

The sharred experience of achievement has no rival in humam life. To confront a difficult problem together, and together overcome or solve that problem will fuse lives together as no other experience ever will be able to do.

But achievement requires meeting demands; and the best things are achieved by meerting your own demands; by knowing that you have faced extreme problems and have risen to meet the challenges that they present. Such challenges define who you are and who you wish to be and who you will be.

It is the responsibility of the educator to facilitate the journey to excellence and to assist in revealing its rewards and joys; but it is not the responsibiity of the educatior to tell the student how to achieve, but only what must be achieved.

And what are the challenge before each and every student? They are the same challenges that confront all humanity. The only differnce is that the student is begining a journey that they will continue throughout life culminating in, one day, providing some important insight or element of progress that advances or solves those problms that confront all of humanity.

It is the purpose of this magnet school to start each student on that journey toward excelence and achievement so that their life will have, one day, an impact on those that follow, those that they cherish and those that are in want or need of the knowleege that will repair their lives.

There is no greater cause for the student and the young person than to dedicate their efforts, energy and ethusiasm to preparng themselves for the journey ahead through confronting great challenges, and learning how subdue those challenges for all posterity. This is the journey on which you embark when you pass through these doors.