Professional Schools
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Major universities are composed of colleges such as the college of arts and sciences, the college of engineering, etc. They also have professional schools, mainly in three areas, Law, Medicine and business.

In this section we will explain each of these schools and answer five questions, for example with regard to law:

  1. What is Law?
  2. What events in human history compelled the emergence of the concept of law?
  3. What is the earliest instance of a body of law?
  4. What are the enduring questions of the subject of law?
  5. What are the several most important concepts around which the entire subject of law can be organized and understood?

For each of these schools, these questions will be answered which will justify their emergence, continued existence and their structure.

Our objective is to provide a conceptual framework around which the subject may be organized, understood, studied and retained. Therefore, these questions are designed to provide relevance and insight into each subject, its impact of each period of history, philosophy, government, science and literature, as well as on everything that followed that period. From this approach, we hope to provide the student with a decision-making framework that can expedite her/his choice of a college or profession or simply satisfy their curiosity about the subject.