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Objective: Provide our tennis students with the background needed to enter college after graduation, to supplement their college education and to provide education after college or while on the tour

The online high school we are affiliated with is the Laurel Springs School. See the Laurel Springs School Profile. In addition to the Laurel Springs program, EASI will provide supplementary study material on several core subjects indicated on the menu bar at the left of this page.

Supplementary material for high school and college studies will be provided in two forms. (1) EEASI produced material and (2) courses from The Great Courses produced by the Teaching Company. The Great Courses are presented on DVD by prominent professors from around the world.

A guiding principle of the EASI Online Education Program will be to teach students to think rather than to memorize, using the principles of learning from Professor Ellen Langer's research at Harvard.

The first question that must be answered for each course is "Why are we studying this subject?". This question will be answered before any further study proceeds. To support that objective, all EASI supplementary material will be organized around a set of fundamental questions from which the subject originally arose in human history. Thus, these questions will be rooted in the very origins of the subject and in the purposes for which the subject originated.

What is significant about such questions is that they establish relevance for the study of each subject. By organizing study around relevance and purpose, the material is better understood and retained, and most importantly, used in the course of each student's life.

For example, one objective of the English program will be to teach the student to read, write and to speak well. A second objective will be served by the study of literature. Young people have very limited experience in life and are not equipped to understand the consequences of the many negative decisions that they could make due to their lack of experience. Literature is designed to fill this experience void thus allowing the student to gain insights by living through the same experiences as the author through the authors words.

The history program will provide the student with an understanding of their origins and culture as well as the origins and cultures of those they may meet on the professional tour and it will explain the reasons behind diverse cultures; it will also present the mistakes that leaders and cultures of the past have made that have led to disasters and massive loss of life. These insights will equip the student to have some idea of how to avoid repeating the mistakes of our predecessors and it will help the student develop an appreciation of the cultures of others they meet on the tour.

The science and mathematics program will educate the student as to the nature of all sciences, the methods of science, and what distinguishes science from the arts, literature and history. It will also fill in the student's background in one or more sciences to prepare them for freshman college science and mathematics courses. l

In summary, the EASI Education will provide the student with the background necessary to be successful in college and life.