Tennis Events in Houston, The Woodlands, Tyler, TX and Arlington, VA


The EASI Academy conducts tennis programs for all ages and skill levels. Our programs are divided into Individual, group, clinics, camps, Leagues and special events.

Individual programs are one-on-one with a single instructor. Two-on-one with a single instructor is also offered.

For more that two students we refer to our group program with an single instructor.

Individual programs are for skill development and skill refresher drills and are designed to develop and advance the student's skills, conditioning and match play.

Group programs serve the same purpose as the individual programs but instruction is time-shared among all members of the group.

Clinics are like lab practice or review sessions and are designed to provide more practice on topics addressed in the individual programs. Clinics do not introduce new topics.

Camps are for fun, fun, fun. There is sufficient instruction to assure all students can have fun by participating in the games and competitions of the camp but the primary goal of a camp is to have fun with tennis without the ridged demands of individual instruction.

League programs are for adults who desire to play in a team format. League clinics are offered to enhance league team building. skill improvement and an understanding of the game. Leagues are a blend of fun and competition.

Special events may be scheduled for holidays, birthdays of parties.

Academic Year 2015-2016 Schedule