Family-Only Policy


It is the EASI Academy policy to only accept an entire family in our program. This means that we educate parents about our program as we train their child. It also means that if there is a conflict with the family, we will not be able to retain the student independently of resolving this conflict.

This is essential to our program in order to be sure that there is consistency between the student, parent and coach throughout the entire training process.

Unresolved disputes must result in our discontinuing the student's training because unresolved conflicts create tension in the family and during practice. We have discovered that allowing unresolved conflicts to exists is very detrimental to the student's progress and makes parent training impossible. Worse still, it is the source of constant conflicts between parent and student outside of the training venue.

Coach, player, mother and father must all be in harmonious agreement in order to accept, and retain, a junior player in our program