EASI Academy Policy on the Two-Coach Arrangement
© 2013 EEASI Corporation


The two-coach arrangement is defined as an arrangement in which a student has two separate coaches.

There are two reasons that EASI Academy does not accept the two-coach arrangement: (1) The damage it causes to player development; and, (2) the need to protect the intellectual property of EEASI Corporation.

Damage to the student

Occasionally a parent brings us a student that already has a coach and wants the "benefit" of two coaches. However, this is a mistaken view on behalf of the parent. It is impossible to employ two coaches without degrading the value of both. Coaching styles are so different that the student becomes confused and begins to lose confidence in themselves, usually from getting contradictorily advice due to the difference in coaching styles. In short, two coaches split the player in half.

In my many years of coaching, I have never found the "two-coach" approach to work. It always results in the breakdown of the student because it seems that no two coaches can agree. Since we put the student first, we always let the student go rather than risk damage to their self confidence.

Intellectual Property Issue

In addition to the issue of the damage to the student of a two-coach arrangement, EEASI Corporation is a C corporation with over 10 stockholders. EEASI has proprietary training methods and protocols that are the sole property of the corporation. A two-coach arrangement always compromises the intellectual property of the corporation. Hence, the two-coach arrangement is also prohibited by Corporate policy regarding the protection of its intellectual property.