The EASI Leadership Program
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Colleges like to see that applicants have participated in some form of leadership activity. The EASI Academy has designed a formal leadership program to address this need.

It is remarkable that the definition of "leader" and "leadership" say nothing about what it takes to be a leader. Also, business that profess to teach leadership are more often focused on strategic vision rather than leadership. A leader may have the perfect strategic vision and be totally incapable of gaining the cooperation of those needed to achieve it. The true mark of a leader is that he/she has the qualities necessary to lead their enterprise to achieve the objects of their strategic vision. These qualities are totally separate from strategic vision.

The EASI Leadership Program focuses on what makes a leader and what it takes to be a leader but not on strategic vision. Without leadership skills, no vision can be attained and no one will follow you simply because you have a vision.

By participating in the EASI Leadership Program you will learn the major skills needed to lead.

In addition to knowing the information on the menu bar at the left, each day a different member of the group will be responsible for panning the day; also, at least once this summer each member of the group must arrange a field trip for the group that contributes to their understanding of leadership.

Here are the first principles of Leadership:

  • A good leader is also a good follower; an individual who is not a good follower will not be a good leader
  • Authority is granted, not a right
  • Get to know those you must lead; people will care if you care about them
  • People will do more than required if they care
  • Do not discard people easily; even the most troublesome individual may be redeemable
  • Be courageous and cool headed in the face of a crisis
  • Resolve conflicts with a win-win outcome; avoid leaving anyone with a feeling of shame
  • Understand your responsibility for others
  • Defiance may equate to caring or anger
  • Developing a successors is a key leadership skill
  • Delegating should not be feared
  • Facilitating will get better results than commanding
  • Creative and visionary people have sharp edges

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