Re-establishing the balance of power between state governments and the national government:

The Madison Project

There is ample evidence that a Biden-Harris Administration will become the tyrannical federal government that Madison feared.

Thus, state governments must organize, under their constitutionally stated dual sovereignty, to explicitly oppose the Biden-Harris actions to force socialism on the states. To counter the Biden-Harris imposition of socialism on the states, the states must more firmly establish the dual sovereignty of the states to fight socialism in the Supreme Court.

To lead this effort a coalition of three states may be useful: South Dakota, Texas and Florida.  The charter could include a national GOP conference to thoroughly analyze the work of Madison on the concept of dual Sovereignty as it can be applied in court to block the Biden-Harris socialist agenda.

Included in this coalition will be the Trump Administration’s key figures that will play significant leadership roles since they are the most committed and knowledgeable anti-socialist figures in America.

Additional activities will be to present nationally televised public analyses of Biden-Harris policies on the economy, national defense and matters peculiar to traditional state powers such as education, gun control, state defense forces, religion, freedom of speech, control of state universities, family values, property, and farming and ranching.