Ray Brown



Ray Brown, Ph.D.
Phone: 571 268 2538


Overview: I believe that athletics are an indispensable companion to academics. In this regard, I have been engaged in research, for over fifteen years, on the human learning process using tennis as a research venue with my colleagues at Harvard and Berkeley. Our results demonstrate that tennis training provides significant insights into the human learning process in all areas including such abstract disciplines as mathematics. Further, our results show that tennis training can be dramatically accelerated by incorporating neuroscience into tennis programs.

Dr. Brown is an internationally recognized expert in high performance tennis training having published over 200 articles on advanced tennis training at TennisONE.com (US based), Procomparetennis.net (Great Britain) and Mid Atlantic Match Point (Virginia) and now Tennis World USA. From the urging of many local parents and coaches, Dr. Brown founded the EASI Academy in the summer of 2006. The academy has rapidly grown, through word of mouth, from a service to the community to a magnet for students and players who are high academic achievers seeking the highest level of professional training available.

Dr. Brown's innovations have been to introduce neuroscience and the science of learning into tennis training and to construct a program that integrates all five dimensions of training into a single player development program.

Using these advanced methods, Dr. Brown's training program has been used to rapidly accelerate players at every level of skill, from novice to professional. Typically, a novice training at the EASI Academy will develop significant skills in as little as 6 months that would otherwise require two years to develop using classical tennis training methods.

Real World Experience
Most tennis coaches and tennis directors have only experience in the world of tennis. Because of the unique clientele for the EASI Academy, Dr. Brown's vast real world experience provides a dimension that is very beneficial to the high academic achievers who are our typical students. Dr. Brown's non tennis related experience can be found at LinkedIn, the professional networking site and extensive information on Dr. Brown can be found on his Facebook page of on his professional resume page.

Coaching Expertise
• Fifteen years experience coaching WTA/ITF Tour players

• Coached Thomas Jefferson Magnet School to its first ever Regional Championship
• Instructor for Dick Gould in California in the 1970’s
• Providing advanced education for USPTA and PTR certified coaches
• Providing analysis and coaching for internationally ranked juniors
• Conducts advanced clinics for college and professionally bound players
• Contributing Editor to Mid-Atlantic Match Point
• Contributing Editor to TennisONE.com
• Conducts detailed video and radar analysis of collegiate players at American and George Washington Universities
• Member of Wilson Advisory Staff
• Internationally recognized expert in tennis training
• Published over 200 articles on tennis theory and technique
• Invited speaker on Tennis Training and Coaching
• Currently writing a university level textbook on tennis
• Developing a new Certification Program for advanced instructors

Academic Expertise
• Abstract and Linear Algebra
• Advanced Calculus and Differential Equations
• Stochastic Processes
• Nonlinear Dynamics
• Finite Difference Equations

University and High School Experience Summary
•Graduate Associate, Mathematics, U. C. Berkeley (1970-1973)
•Distinguished Lecture, Electrical Engineering, U. C. Berkeley (1992)
•Visiting Professor, Mathematics, Howard University (1992-1993)
•Substitute in Mathematics at Thomas Jefferson and T. C Williams High Schools
•Mathematics Instructor: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (2006-2007)
•Invited Speaker at over 30 conferences and institutions

Academic Degree and Research
Ray received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley in the area of nonlinear dynamics and has over 30 years of experience in the analysis of nonlinear systems. Over the past fifteen years he has been working in the area of neuroscience and brain dynamics as applied to tennis training and brain trauma rehabilitation. Dr. Brown is currently engaged in studies to develop an early prediction method for epileptic seizures and for Sudden Cardiac Death at George Washington University.

Dr. Brown has published over 35 refereed scientific papers on complexity, chaos, nonlinear processes, and stochastic processes. Numerous papers on management and organization theory. An internationally invited speaker on complexity and nonlinear processes .Dr. Brown has also published over 200 articles on tennis science and training. Reviewer for Int. J. of Bifurcation and Chaos and Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America and in Marquis Who's Who in the World.