EEASI Research
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The EEASI Corporation Research Program can be divided into three areas: Neuroscience and Brain Trauma Rehabilitation, Education and the Human Learning Process and Nonlinear Science. These three areas are interrelated and contribute to the progress an insight into each other.

Neuroscience research centers on formulating an axiomatic theory of brain dynamics. Brain trauma Rehabilitation centers on utilizing neuroscience, biology, Paleoanthropology, and athletics to formulate new methods of brain trauma rehabilitation.

The human learning process centers on using neuroscience, psychology and Paleoanthropology to formulate a complete theory of how humans learn. Education research centers on applying results from the human learning process and neuroscience to formulate more efficient methods of training and educating students.

Nonlinear science centers on the mathematical theories needed to support the other areas of research.

As a result of our involvement in ressarch, EEASI can provide research projects for high school, college, and graduate students.