Travel Policy


I do not travel with any student except under the most extenuating circumstances. Our students are trained so well they can function properly without the presence of a coach. What they do need is logistic support. This is provided by Jana van der Walt, a player-manager,

Upon arriving at the tournament venue, the player should register at their hotel. Be sure the room is far away from the ice machine, elevator and any wedding party to assure a good nights sleep.

Once registered and once the room is inspected, go in search of a pharmacy, food store and a variety of restaurants, and a tennis shop.


Once essentials are established, visit the tournament venue and check if they provide stringing. Additionally, schedule some practice time to get use to the venue. Always arrive at least one day in advance.

For the qualifying event for Satellite, Challenger or Futures tournaments check in time is 3:00-6:00pm on Saturday. Draws and the order of play for Sunday are usually available by 7:30pm Saturday. To play any of these tournaments you must have an International Tennis Federation (ITF)
International Player Identification Number (IPIN). To obtain an IPIN click here.

Beware of hucksters. There is always someone hanging around to convince you to train at their facility using their "Great and proven" method of becoming the next great champion.