Great Courses Inventory
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The EEASI Corporation online schooling and advanced education program has acquired 59 Great Courses totaling 1183 hours of lectures, of which over 850 hours have been reviewed in detail over the past three years. To provide a point of reference a typical college course will run about 36 hours. Thus we have reviewed, so far, about 6 years of college courses (24 credits per year) over the past three years.

EEASI will concentrate its education project in the arts, letters and sciences as indicated by the list of essays at the online education link. We will also provide some basic essays in the field of engineering.

Each area in which EEASI will provide online education will be prefaced by an essay that gives the conceptual framework into which every aspect of the course must fall.

EEASI Corporation is committed to provide our students with personal attention, athletic training, quality education and an understanding of good citizenship.